1. Blockchain-backed Certificates: Offering a unique set of certificates that minimize the inherent risks of carbon offsets while ensuring traceability and accountability.
  2. Digital Mirroring: Each certificate has a digital twin recorded on a distributed ledger, providing unmatched execution proof for each consumer.
  3. White-label Consumer Interface: This interface showcases the mitigation process and digital assets, allowing for deeper consumer engagement.
  4. Eco-Versions Benefits: Purchasing eco-versions supports sustainable efforts while providing tangible rewards and economic preferences to consumers.
  5. Revenue-Sharing Model: Xofia's model ensures a competitive approach to provide all necessary resources for green product roll-out, sharing generously the price increase with partners.
  6. Tax Benefit: The value of the digital certificates is derived from tax credits, deductions, and depreciations associated with investing in environmental assets that reduce or mitigate greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.
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